The Informed in Sport project began under the name Informed Practitioner in Sport. As the name implies, this initiative was borne from a wish to assist practitioners in becoming better informed! The genesis of this idea stemmed from the personal experience of Paul Gamble, the founder of Informed in Sport, in his work in a range of sports at elite and professional level, and spanning both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

These experiences convinced Paul that the majority of the issues and difficulties that arose between coaching, support staff, and the athletes themselves could be ameliorated or eliminated if all parties had the benefit of a broader perspective, deeper understanding of the process, and perhaps most important, better awareness of each others' respective areas of expertise and roles within the process.

With this end in mind, Informed Practitioner in Sport was launched to provide online continuing education and professional development that was specifically aimed at practitioners working the area of sports injury. These courses were accredited by a range of certifying bodies and professional organisations worldwide, including American College of Sports Medicine, National Athletic Trainers Association, Canadian Athletic Trainers Association, Australian Physiotherapy Association, and the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy.

The more recent iteration, Informed in Sport, has broadened the scope to better fulfill the original aim: Informed Coach, Informed Practitioner, Informed Athlete. Our target audience encompasses those who posses a genuine desire to seek greater understanding in order to better inform their practice and support athletes to achieve. As such, our audience transcends professions; we speak to coaches, to practitioners across all disciplines, to the athletes themselves and those who support them. To this end, we aim to provide content that is relevant to each of these respective players in the process.