Through his books, website and social media presence, Paul has proven to be the industry leader in providing information that manages to bridge the gap between scientific researchers and ‘in the trenches’ practitioners
— Paul Jackson, Director of Athletic Development, University of Mississippi Football
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Many have argued that practically applicable training information and thoroughly researched sport science are mutually exclusive entities. Dr. Gamble proves this assertion false as he has become my go to resource for just such material. Through his books, website and social media presence, Paul has proven to be the industry leader in providing information that manages to bridge the gap between scientific researchers and the in the trenches practitioners.

I first discovered Paul’s work while searching for quality information on agility training. I came across Training for Sports Speed and Agility and was blown away.  It was by far the best book I had seen on the subject and inspired me to search for and follow any other information I could find from Dr. Gamble. Being that I had not heard of him prior to reading that book, I thought I found my secret weapon in the quest for superior athletic development. The secret didn’t last long as over the coming months and years more and more of my peers in the Strength & Conditioning industry began discussing his work.

Through a stroke of luck, and the ever easier access to worldwide communication made possible by the internet, I was fortunate to be introduced to Dr. Gamble.   Since that point, Paul has become the person I reach out to when an issue pops up that I just can’t seem to find a solution to. He has consistently given me tips and ideas that could be immediately implemented with my teams. He has always been more than gracious in his willingness to help and I am grateful to be able to consider him as both a mentor and friend.

I cannot commend anyone more highly in the field of strength and conditioning
— Roger Flynn, Performance Director and National Coach for Scottish Squash 2006-2016

Paul Gamble was National Strength and Conditioning Lead for the Scottish Squash Performance Programme based in Edinburgh. Over the five years we worked together, Paul worked daily with me preparing, delivering and supervising individualised strength and conditioning programmes for my senior squad, including ex-world No.1, John White, and current world No.28, Alan Clyne. Paul was also involved in the preparation for our highly successful Commonwealth Games campaign (all of our doubles pairings reached the quarter-finals and one team reaching the semi-finals). Many of the junior players Paul helped to develop from an early age have also since made a very successful transition to senior competition and the professional circuit.
Paul’s role with the squad based at the national training centre required him to manage all aspects of physical development of my players. This included overseeing sports medical treatment and sports science support, as well as strength and conditioning planning and delivery. Paul often attended treatment sessions and served as the conduit for relaying information from providers in order that the coaching staff remained updated with clear and accurate information. 
Paul also prepared and managed the delivery of strength programmes to our regionally based players by the various Area Institute of Sport S&C specialists. In addition to coordinating delivery and support with providers in the regions, Paul maintained regular contact with these players and personally carried out regular assessments and provided feedback to players, coaches and parents at our monthly Academy training squads. 
Paul provided individualised periodised plans for all our players and worked tirelessly to ensure that players’ training was constantly optimised to ensure the best performances. He pays exceptional attention to detail in lifting technique and he works hard to incorporate the latest information and research into his programmes.
For a small nation, Scotland punches well above our weight in the sport and are renowned for our athletic prowess - due totally to the expertise and professionalism that Paul has brought to our players’ physical development. Our injury rates are extraordinarily low and I attribute this to the combination of functional development, proactive physiotherapy and performance strength training that Paul designed.
I cannot commend anyone more highly in the field of strength and conditioning.

Paul’s extensive knowledge and his eye for detail are second to none
— James Mortimer, Former international athlete and coach to world championship representives and New Zealand record women's 4x100m relay team

Paul has been a great mentor to me both on and off the track. Paul’s extensive knowledge and his eye for detail are second to none.

Paul has consistently guided me personally and helped me answer some of the tougher coaching questions. With Paul you get the how but more importantly, you get the why when it comes to sharing his expertise.

I can’t recommend Paul more highly in regards to his experience in sport preparation and coaching guidance.

Paul not only stands out as a world class coach in this field, but is an empowering mentor. He has helped me better understand and overcome the challenges that come with being a sport coach and strength and conditioning coach.
— Kile Cooke, Basketball coach and strength and conditioning specialist

During his tenure as Director of Sport Performance Paul took on many extensive, multidisciplinary initiatives including an effort to revamp the existing cooperative education program for aspiring student coaches. Paul established a well rounded curriculum based on topics found in his material (Comprehensive Strength and Conditioning, and Informed), providing the backbone and rules of thumb to guide athletic preparation, athlete development, and return to sport.

As a young coach I was humbled as Paul afforded me the opportunity in joining weekly discussions with the other student coaches. The sessions that Paul facilitated were integral to my own personal development. Paul would not only challenge the group as we deciphered relevant theories and filtered information from the vast world of physical preparation, but he also set aside time for unique practical workshops to help us further explore and consolidate the knowledge.

The experiences with Paul as a role model and mentor helped refine my perspectives as a coach, and empowered me to continue facing the complex puzzles with the teams and athletes that I get to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Paul Gamble as a coach or consultant for any athletic related matters. His genuine interest in optimizing athletic performance is contagious.

Paul’s dedication and readiness to embrace and develop new ideas readily fit with the culture I sought to develop
— Brendan Venter MD, Technical Director at London Irish Rugby Football Club

I met Paul at the start of his career in elite sport: Paul was embarking on a PhD in elite rugby union as I arrived into the role of Player/Head Coach at London Irish rugby football club. The short time available to introduce a whole new game plan and style of play meant that we had to make the time spent performing fitness work as efficient and productive as possible; I also wanted to make training fun. This led to the genesis of the idea to take the radical step of undertaking our preseason conditioning in the form of skill-based conditioning games. Paul had previously used heart rate monitoring to assess the demands of rugby football match play and he planned to use this technology in his PhD; he was therefore the perfect person to start this journey with. With Paul’s expertise and new heart rate technology developed for team sports we were soon able to prove that our novel approach was highly effective. Secure in this knowledge, we continued to employ conditioning games as our exclusive means of fitness development for the squad throughout the remainder of the preseason and the season that followed, constantly developing and evolving our approach over this time with Paul's aid. That year was the most successful in the club’s history: we won the national cup and had the club’s highest ever final standing in the league, qualifying for the following year’s prestigious European cup tournament.
Paul’s dedication and readiness to embrace and develop new ideas readily fit with the culture I sought to develop at the club, and in a short time Paul established himself as an important part of the support team for both the senior squad and academy. Following my departure to return to my medical practice in South Africa Paul’s role with the club continued to grow; by the time he left the club and completed his PhD he had risen to the position of head strength and conditioning coach.

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In a time where there seems to be an endless stream of information on the tangibles, Paul goes beyond sets and reps, speed run or height jumped and provides content which stimulates the reader to critically reflect on what is truly important for human performance.

Paul’s openness, experience and astounding wealth of knowledge are invaluable in helping me become a better coach, as well as anyone who has the pleasure to come across him. The more I coach, the more questions I have, and Paul is one of my favourite brains to pick.
— Henry Cheetham, Southland Stags Rugby Union
I have found Paul to be the consummate professional. He is well researched, totally organised, and a pleasure to have as part of our programme.
— Peter Tynan, Director Somerville Hockey Academy

The Somerville Hockey Club is one of New Zealand's premier clubs which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. Every year we run a high performance academy with 20 of our highest potential athletes. The programme includes skill development, nutrition and physical conditioning. 

Paul has led the strength and conditioning programme for our athletes, including initial assessments, preparing a plan for each athlete, a 1-to-1 session with each player to discuss results and programmes, and weekly sessions with the group, centering on different aspects of their offseason conditioning.

With his assistance (in the last year) we have managed to promote 16 of the 20 athletes into higher grades of competition. The improvement in overall conditioning has been evident during the year, and we would expect to use Paul in future programmes.