Past and Present

Paul Gamble PhD, the founder of Informed Practitioner in Sport, has worked in elite sport spanning two decades and both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. 

The knowledge and experience in elite sports accrued over this period encompasses team sports (Paul began his career in professional rugby union with English Premiership side London Irish), racquet sports (Paul served as National Strength and Conditioning Lead for Scottish Squash for six years), and a diverse array of individual sports with athletes of all ages competing at national and international-level.

Paul is an applied sports scientist who is internationally recognised in his areas of specialism; specifically, physical preparation and athletic development. Paul completed his PhD in 2005, and the period since has published four textbooks, the most recent "Comprehensive Strength and Conditioning" being released in July 2015. To support the quest to better inform his practice, Paul has retained some involvement in the academic realm throughout, and continues to contribute to conducting applied research and supervising postgraduate research students.

In an effort to exploit every available avenue for optimising performance, Paul continues to seek out knowledge and attain expertise across across all disciplines. Paul is unashamedly a 'movement geek', and it was the pursuit of a deeper understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of running, jumping and throwing that led Paul to become involved in track and field athletics.

Paul also has a special interest in sports injury, or more specifically injury management and prevention. In previous roles, Paul has been responsible for coordinating sports medicine and physiotherapy provision, as well as nutrition and lifestyle support for athletes under his care.

Having latterly served in the role of Coaching Director and then Director of Sport Performance, Paul also has extensive experience in leadership, managing staff across disciplines, and providing mentorship and continuing education. Ultimately, Paul remains a coach first and foremost and so recently took the step to pursue a new venture in the quest to retain 'hands-on' involvement as a coach and applied practitioner. In addition to his work in the realms of physical preparation and athletic development, Paul is also a track and field coach who has coached at international level.