Central to the purpose of Informed in Sport is continuing education and professional development. In the internet era practitioners are swimming in information. In the Information Age, often what coaches, practitioners and athletes most need is a filter.

We aim to provide the right lens to help to guide and narrow the search, in order to select the best source from the myriad of different outlets available. Finding the right information is a key starting point. From there we need to complement this learning with an understanding of context to provide meaning. the right lens.

To that end, we offer delivery of workshops and seminars for athletes, coaches, and practitioners on a variety of topics relating to physical preparation and sports injury.

A variety of mentoring options are also available for coaches and practitioners. Practically this is achieved with a mix of face-to-face meetings (for those in the local region), alongside remote delivery and communication via email and Skype. Contact us to find out more.

Informed coaching provision is available for individual athletes and teams by request. We deliver workshops and programmes of coaching and physical preparation to athletes of all ages from youth to masters, and from an array of sports, encompassing team sports, racquet sports and individual sports. Contact us to see what options are available in your local area.